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Contagious TaskForce

Contagious is committed to help train and develop leaders for service, both now and in the future; that vision lies behind our TaskForce programme. Those who are in their early 20s are eligible to join TaskForce, which is a two year programme. Our aim for TaskForce members is for them to be better equipped to serve as leaders at Contagious in the future, as well as being better equipped to serve God within their local church. The TaskForce programme is led by Ian and Nina Fry who work with a small team of leaders with a wealth of experience in Christian ministry.

During a conference each TaskForce member will ...

  • Serve in Teams
    TaskForce teams are responsible for a range of practical tasks to make the conferences run smoothly; skills of cooperation and teamwork are refined here.
  • Developing Teaching Skills
    Every TaskForce member will lead at least one small group Bible study; they will be supported and debriefed by a TaskForce leader.
  • Focused Teaching
    TaskForce has its own teaching programme: Biblical leadership, working through a Christian book together, considering an important contemporary issue (what the Bible teaches about masculinity and femininity, for example) are typical of the elements of the programme.

A TaskForce programme will operate at each of our conferences.

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