Contagious is for 14-19s and Contagious Nano is for 11-13s*

Contagious is a conference where we teach the Bible and have lots of fun with activities during the day and evening.  This year 2017, we are looking at the Reformation across both Contagious and Contagious Nano.

*for Scotland it is S4-19 and P7-S3

Contagious Hooked Summer 2018 Dates

Contagious Scotland and Nano Scotland 21st – 27th July 2018 Contagious Central and Nano Central 21st – 27th July 2018 Contagious West and Nano West 4th – 10th August 2018 Contagious East and Nano East 18th – 24th August 2018

Teaching at Contagious

All of us could be hooked into an unhealthy cycle of addictive behaviour.  We could be hooked to technology, gambling, entertainment, drugs, body image, phones, success, shopping, porn or eating. But Jesus offers us a glorious message of light, hope and life. At Contagious 2018 we will: Expose the empty promises of addictions Experience the love of God and the redeeming work of the cross Enjoy the grace and hope we have in Jesus Equip ourselves to resist addictive behaviour…

Teaching at Nano

Nano ‘Big Teach!’ Each evening we gather together for a great time of worship, games, interviews, memory verse songs, prayers and most of all to hear talks from the Bible. These meetings include loads of craziness, laughter, sweets, competitions as well as serious discussions, questions, and engaged learning. We have gifted Bible teachers who clearly and passionately share Bible stories, gospel truth and life experiences that guide young people to know Jesus better and love him more. We do not…

Activities at conference

We provide a range of activities for all tastes in the afternoons and evenings (‘After Dark’) – from ‘all-in’ activities as well as sports, crafts, music and choir, or just hanging out and playing board games Afternoon Activities There are always activities going on to suit everyones’ tastes. Whether you enjoy competitive sport, chilling with friends, crazy games, art and crafts or music and drama, our activity programme includes huge variety of fun stuff to choose from. You are sure…

Contagious 2018 – Hooked

Summer 2018 Dates Contagious Scotland: 21st-27th July 2018 Contagious Central (aka The Pilot and supported by Co-Mission): 21st-27th July 2018 Contagious West: 4th-10th August 2018 Contagious East: 18th-24th August 2018 Technology; gambling; entertainment; drugs; body image; phones; success; shopping; porn; eating. It doesn’t matter what it is, they can all hook us into an unhealthy obsession. Christians struggle in this world of addiction, but we have a glorious message of light and hope that gives life. At Contagious 2018, we…

Nano 2018 – James the Punching Preacher

Contagious Nano Summer 2018 Dates Nano Scotland: 21st-27th July 2018 Nano Central (New conference supported by CoMission): 21st-27th July 2018 Nano West: 4th-10th August 2018 Nano East: 18th-24th August 2018 Young people today are worried or broken by a world where… wealth works for the selfish people are loved for looks or ‘likes truth is trashed in fake news or false words The Bible book of James powerfully strengthens the faithful, where… the vulnerable are welcomed and wealth is shared, people are loved…